How do I build the local runtime environment for WordPres?

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The WordPress operating environment can be divided into: local running environment and web running environment. Local operating environment: Build an environment on your computer that will allow WordPress to work properly, so you can install and use WordPress on your own computer. The WordPress site built in the local environment is only visible to you, and the rest of the Internet can’t see it. The purpose of building a local operating environment is to learn and test WordPress. The WordPress site built in the web is available to everyone on the Internet. How to set up local environment: PHP MySQL and Apache, in a nutshell, are three types of software. As long as you install these three software on your computer, you will be able to successfully build the operating environment. However, these three software installation is very simple, but the configuration is very complicated, so it is not recommended that the novice manually install separately. It is recommended that novices use the so-called integrated environment, which is to install an integrated software, which is equivalent to installing the above three types of software, without the need for complex configuration. The integration environment is also a software, so there are many software with similar functions, such as… Appserv, xampp, phpstudy, etc. Because phpstudy is very simple, very suitable for novice and experienced.


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