CPanel login/change interface language/change password.

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1. Login to cPanel. Access cPanel login screen, generally for, enter your user login information: 二. Change interface language After logging into cPanel, the first thing we need to do is modify the interface language so that we can do other things. To view “preference”, click “change language” : Select “Chinese” and click “Change” : Change success: 三. Change the password. If your original login password is randomly generated, it is recommended that you change it to a familiar password in case the password is forgotten the next time you log in. Click “HOME” in the top left corner of cPanel to return to the HOME page: Click “change password” under “preference” : Enter the old password and the new password, and finally click “change your password immediately” : Note: 1. The “Allow MySQL password change” option on the right, the default password of the MySQL database will be changed after the check, and it is suggested to check. 2. Change the password here, not only the change of login password, but also the change of FTP password, so it is very important! 3. When setting up a password, it is recommended to use lower case letters, capital letters, Numbers, and more than 3 kinds of special symbols to set up. It is best to achieve “very strong” level, so it is safer. It’s best not to use birthdays, phone Numbers, etc.

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