CPanel tutorial: add MySQL database method

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NO、1 Add MySQL database. 1. Click “MySQL database” to enter the database setting interface: 2. Enter the database name under “generate new database” and click “generate database” button: 3.MySQL database and user association success, click “return” to the database Settings page: Settings page: NO、2Add MySQL users. 1. When adding new users, fill in the user name and password, and finally click “generate user” :   2. MySQL的用户添加成功,并点击“返回”数据库设置页面:

NO、3,Relational MySQL database and user.

1. Select the MySQL database and users that have just been added to the database, and then click add: 2. To check the permissions of MySQL users, we usually use it. We recommend full selection and click change: 3.After the MySQL database and user association are successful, click back to the database Settings page: 4. At this point in the “current database”, you can see users of MySQL databases and associated Numbers: So far, cPanel has successfully added MySQL database. The database information created in this article is as follows: The server is usually localhost (or IP of the host) Database name: hcmcn_yiqixue. Database user name: hcmcn_yiqixue.


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